New Cleanroom equipment

Air Showers - High Velocity Air Wash

Air Shower Chambers, located between the cleanroom and an outside environment, remove particulate contamination from clean room garments as personnel pass through. The chambers may include HEPA filters, interlocking doors, a re-circulating air system, and air nozzles in various patterns through which filtered air is blown onto the personnel in the shower. The air is moved over the worker, removing particulate contamination from the worker's garments.

The IAS Air Showers provide a high velocity air wash removing surface particles before personnel enter a controlled clean air environment. The unit features a smart interlock system locking the the air shower exit when the entrance is open or conversely when exit is open, containing contaminants and preventing contamination from entering the clean room. The unit automatically resets as personnel exits the air shower, recycling for the next use.

IAS Air Showers can be linked in sequence for large volume personnel pass-through.

The air filtration system consists of HEPA filters rated at 99.99% effective in removing all particles 0.3 microns and larger, with return air paths consisting of washable 30 pore polyurethane pre-filters.

IAS Air Showers are engineered for quiet operation, down to the 65 to 80 dB sound level range.


  • High velocity clean air
  • Acoustically insulated for noise reduction
  • Link in series for largerpass-through     capacity
  • Very quite operation
  • 16 gauge cold rolled steel cabinet
  • Doors feature aluminium frame with safety glass
  • Fluorescent Lighting Electrical Wiring conforms to National Electric Code  - all componets U.L. listed .

  • Options
  • Raised Floor
  • Microwave Door Sensor
  • Light Beam Door Sensor
  • Manual Doors
  • Anti-Static Grid
  • 0-12 HEPA Filters
  • flowstar 4 x4 air shower