New Cleanroom equipment

Cleanroom Installation

Our Flowstar Installation Technicians are core members of our professional
team. In most cases, they can achieve a swift install of your cleanroom or
other products with little mess and without major disruptions to your regular
business activities. Call us for details.

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Proper maintenance of your equipment is essential to achieve and maintain the highest degree of efficiency, extend life cycle and contain cost. Flowstar can help properly maintain your cleanroom, laminar flow table, etc.

To optimize filtration efficiency it is important ensure that the exhaust stream is exposed to the purification medium for an adequate time.

Through periodic testing of the exhaust air stream, you can determine the useful filter life in your particular application and gauge filter effectiveness with an elapsed time meter. An electronic airflow velocity monitor also helps to ensure safe, effective operation by providing a continuous velocity indication and providing an alarm when velocity falls below a pre-determined threshold. Additionally, an inexpensive vane anemometer can be employed to periodically measure the air stream velocity.

Small rooms within a plant can usually be assembled without permits. We recommend that you consult your local building department to be sure.

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Our manuals and tech sheets will provide important operational and maintenance information.