New Cleanroom equipment

Portable Modular Cleanroom 'LS' Series

The LS Series Portable Modular Cleanroom is a full scale system with a durable high tech profile featuring uniform airflow. This top-of-the-line series features uniform air flow and performs with no size limitations.

For maximum performance, this easy to install clean room series is portable and modular. A step up from our Nova series cleanroom, the LS is designed for even heavier duty, features enhanced air flow, extended filter life and is less expensive to operate. Three phase power system combined with our simplified return air and supply air configurations offer the highest efficiency rating. Stronger system frames can support mechanical (air conditioning) above. Note that Laminars feature enhanced static reserve over light duty 2' x 4' motorized HEPAS, producing a much stronger system. We provide various sizes from 12'-24' wide, in lengths to accommodate your requirements.

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