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Portable Modular Cleanroom with Ceiling Plenum - Pulsar Series

Our Portable Modular Cleanroom with Ceiling Plenum, the Pulsar Series - is our highest quality portable modular cleanroom system available. We have engineered in quality and affordability making the Pulsar Series the best choice when only the highest degree of particle filtration, temperature control and/or relative humidity requirements are your goal.

This easy to assemble system features sleeved dual upright crosses and is available with three-phase power sidewall air handlers and terminal ceiling filter for enhanced utility savings. Our designers have created an extremely rigid and durable system with a positive upgrade factor for maximum expandability.

Available with 'Gel-Sealed Ceiling System these cost effective units can be relocated with 100% of materials reclaimed. The Pulsar Series tears down easily, packages to small cubits and ships very economically.

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