New Cleanroom equipment

Modular Cleanrooms - Tunnel Modules

These state-of-the-art Class 100, Class 10 and Class 1 modules deliver the ultimate cleanliness feature full piston flow cleanroom air and full coverage HEPA ceiling.

These expandable and easily relocatable stand-alone structures carry weight on the floor, rather than on the building structure and can be erected faster than most contemporary 'stick built' cleanrooms. Solid construction and smart design provides significant utility cost savings over lighter duty mechanical systems.

This system is available in kit form with module, return chimneys and ducting. You can install our system or our expert installers will handle the installation for you. Either way you will appreciate the sizable utility expense savings over self-powered HEPAS systems. We do recommend that a Flowstar technicians evaluate airflow dispersment within the room to minimize dead spots. These systems are available for immediate delivery.

For additional cost savings, remanufactured systems in various sizes, are also available for immediate delivery.